Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Valentines GlossyBox!

Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer- Dewy Finish
Sample size. Full size RRP- £29.00

Sample Size. Full Size RRP- £13.00

Sample Sizes. Full Size Prices-
Day Cream- £46.50
Night Cream- £48.00

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in Midnight Blue
RRP- £9.50

Hellllllo everyone :) The time is here! When every blog across the land does a post about Glossybox. I know that it certainly isn't necessary for me to write about the Glossybox but I will do anyway because....why not? :)

So another themed box! I have to say I am loving the hot pink! It certainly brought out the girly girl in me, when I opened it I let a rather embarrassing 'ooh!' of excitement when I saw the colour...my dog looked at me like I was bloody mental.

Skin Perfecting Primer- When I saw this was a 'dewy finish' I was instantly turned off by this product. I have very oily skin so I steer clear of anything that is 'dewy' 'illuminating' or 'shimmering' because anything like that highlights oily skin. However I did try it on my hand and It felt uber smooth and gave a beautiful finish to the skin so anyone with dry to normal skin would look beautiful with this on. The product is skin toned and does give the tiniest bit of coverage so this would be perfect for someone with already good skin who wanted something to give them an illuminating boost. 

FAB Body Moisturiser- I'm very happy that I got this in my box this month! I have sensitive skin so I love the fact that it is dermatologist recommended and has no added fragrance. FAB actually stands for 'First Aid Beauty' which I really like the idea of, because In order to make the most of your skin it is essential to heal any dryness and irritation. It is a good sample size which is perfect for in your hand bag or travelling :) The full range can be found at Boots.

Clarins Face Creams- I opened my Glossybox in front of my Mum...she saw these and HAD to have them, being the amazing daughter I am I gave them to her. In all honesty being 19 I'm not too excited about high end firming face creams and actually I love having something in my Glossybox that I can give to my friends or family. Share the love and all that jazz. 

Eyeko Eyeliner- This product interested me the most, it has a very unique design on the handle which adds a quirky feeling to the product which I love. The eyeliner itself goes on so beautifully and is very pigmented. It's a deep blue which is lovely because I'm not a fan of bright blue shadows or liners, this is a perfect subtle blue. I'm glad I have received this, I seem to have loads of black liners and not many other colours so it will be nice to add to my collection :) 

I hope everyone is well!
Peace and Love


  1. thanks so much for your lovely comment :) this looks like a lovely box.
    thanks again :)



  2. wow you get a lot of nice products in your uk glossy box! We have glossy box in italy too, but I'm a little disappointed, as the quality of the products you get is not as high as other's counrty boxes!

  3. Looks great! Think my mum would of had her eye on the Clarins stuff aswell! x


  4. cute!!!