Thursday, 15 March 2012

The perfect Orange lipstick

 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick

Orange Lips have been majorly in recently (I hope it's not just me that thinks so!) aha and I was kinda getting bored of always rocking a red lip, So when I came across this lipstick in Boots I knew I just HAD to have it! It's so affordable as it is from the range '17', It only cost £4.29 and currently the brand '17' is on a three for two deal :)
Not only is it a beautiful colour, but It really does last for a long time. It also goes on really smoothly and does not dry your lips out in the slightest.
Overall a beautiful spring shade, don't be afraid to rock an orange lip people! :) 
Peace and Love

Glitter Obsession

 NYC Expert Last Nail Varnish- 105 Lights Camera-Glitter
 Barry M Loose Body Glitter- 740
 W7 Nail Polish
You know its bad when you just 'need' to go out with a black glittery lip...
I never use to be really 'into' glitter as I thought it had the tendency to look tacky but just recently I've been obsessed with glittery nails! So many people have commented on my nails and asked what varnish I used, this is where it gets tricky because to create this look I use three different varnished (one coat of each) as show above. The two nail pictures are using the exact same varnishes but in a different order with loose glitter applied on top so its really easy to mix it up! :) Because three coats of glitter varnish can take a while to dry I use the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Speed Dry Drops which not only makes your nails dry uber fast but also conditions your nails :)
I hope you are all really well!
Peace and Love

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Valentines GlossyBox!

Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer- Dewy Finish
Sample size. Full size RRP- £29.00

Sample Size. Full Size RRP- £13.00

Sample Sizes. Full Size Prices-
Day Cream- £46.50
Night Cream- £48.00

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in Midnight Blue
RRP- £9.50

Hellllllo everyone :) The time is here! When every blog across the land does a post about Glossybox. I know that it certainly isn't necessary for me to write about the Glossybox but I will do anyway because....why not? :)

So another themed box! I have to say I am loving the hot pink! It certainly brought out the girly girl in me, when I opened it I let a rather embarrassing 'ooh!' of excitement when I saw the dog looked at me like I was bloody mental.

Skin Perfecting Primer- When I saw this was a 'dewy finish' I was instantly turned off by this product. I have very oily skin so I steer clear of anything that is 'dewy' 'illuminating' or 'shimmering' because anything like that highlights oily skin. However I did try it on my hand and It felt uber smooth and gave a beautiful finish to the skin so anyone with dry to normal skin would look beautiful with this on. The product is skin toned and does give the tiniest bit of coverage so this would be perfect for someone with already good skin who wanted something to give them an illuminating boost. 

FAB Body Moisturiser- I'm very happy that I got this in my box this month! I have sensitive skin so I love the fact that it is dermatologist recommended and has no added fragrance. FAB actually stands for 'First Aid Beauty' which I really like the idea of, because In order to make the most of your skin it is essential to heal any dryness and irritation. It is a good sample size which is perfect for in your hand bag or travelling :) The full range can be found at Boots.

Clarins Face Creams- I opened my Glossybox in front of my Mum...she saw these and HAD to have them, being the amazing daughter I am I gave them to her. In all honesty being 19 I'm not too excited about high end firming face creams and actually I love having something in my Glossybox that I can give to my friends or family. Share the love and all that jazz. 

Eyeko Eyeliner- This product interested me the most, it has a very unique design on the handle which adds a quirky feeling to the product which I love. The eyeliner itself goes on so beautifully and is very pigmented. It's a deep blue which is lovely because I'm not a fan of bright blue shadows or liners, this is a perfect subtle blue. I'm glad I have received this, I seem to have loads of black liners and not many other colours so it will be nice to add to my collection :) 

I hope everyone is well!
Peace and Love

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool

 John and Yoko top- Topshop (2 years ago)
Skirt- Topshop
Cardy- Dorothy Perkins was £32 now £22

 Ring- Dorothy Perkins £6

Hello Fresh Prince reference in the title! :) Things like this make me happy. Aaaanyway just thought I would show you my outfit of the day, I have indeed been 'Chilling out, maxing' whatever 'maxing' is anyway. Am I the only one who thought the lyrics went 'chilling out max and relaxing all cool'?? They don't. I googled it. I feel like I'm getting side tracked...I also thought the lyrics went 'shooting some meatball outside of school' that is also wrong, its 'shooting some b-ball' which i supposed makes more sense. Why would you compare a basket ball to a small ball of meat? 
I feel like this outfit of the day hasn't quite gone to plan

Peace and Love :D 


Friday, 20 January 2012

Can't stay at home, can't stay at school

Top- Primark £6
Skirt- Red Herring £22

Top- Topshop £22
Skirt- New Look £7.99

Hey guys! So I recently bought this vintage real leather biker jacket and just wanted to show a couple of my favourite ways of wearing it :) I am in love with the band The Runaways and also a great fan of the film, both inspired me to buy this jacket. It just reminds me of something Joan Jett would wear and I love it! I bought it from an online site and only paid £15 for it! Bargaiiiin :)
Hope you like!

Peace and Love

Poppy King Lipgloss

Poppy King is a total lipstick legend, just recently she has collaborated with No7 (found at Boots) and created a lipgloss range! I think it's important to tell you a little bit about the woman behind this range because that is what drew me to wanting to try these glosses out :)
Poppy King started her own cosmetics company in Australia when she was just 18, her company focuses mainly on opaque lipstick. 
'I have been obsessed with lipstick since I was 7 years old and played dress up with my mother's make-up. At 18 I started my first lipstick brand in Australia, and I now live in New York City. Working with No7 is a dream come true for me as I have always been a fan of the iconic brand's rich heritage and elegance.
I have noticed over the past decade that many women are in the habit of wearing the same lip colours because they are frightened of colour. The concept of my collaboration with No7 is to invite women back to the joys of lip colour and encourage them to introduce some wearable new shades into their lives. I am determined to make the glamour of past eras accessible and wearable to the modern woman'
I think I'm in love! Anyway onto the actual glosses themselves. I love them! They are not at all sticky and stay put for hours, obviously if you eat a doughnut or something there might be an issue but otherwise you're pretty much set for the day! These really are a one of, if not my number one favourite lipglosses I have ever tried. They come in 7 beautiful colours and I just love the retro style packaging. At £11 each they are at the higher end of the price bracket but I think you are really paying for a quality product. I managed to get two of these glosses for £3! Because currently there is a 75% off sale at Boots on Christmas gift sets and I bought the Poppy King cracker which contained two of the glosses. So I suggest if you want to try this beautiful product out you run to Boots asap! The sale ends any day now! Obviously get dressed before you go running off...I know it's exciting but getting served is not likely with your nips out.
Anyyyway, enough about nipples :) Seriously a major love of mine right now, the lipglosses not nipples. Next I'm going to try a lipstick from her range which is also currently stocked at Boots :) Happy days!
Peace and Love

Thursday, 19 January 2012

How I tame my bushy brows

Hey bushy brows! 1) Brush them up and trim.

2) Your brows should end here.

3) and start here :)

 I find a magnifying mirror like this to be the best to use.

4) Pluck! Bye bush! 

5) Fill in, however you like too :)

6) Highlight :D

The awkward moment you pluck your eyebrows unevenly and end up with one noticeably higher than the yeah this happened to me. Which is why I decided to let them grow out, I thought because they were so bushyyy it would be the perfect time to blog about how I groom them :) I never use to be into eyebrows but in the past couple of years I have realised just how important they are in creating a look and framing your face.
1) Trimming your eyebrow hairs every so often just creates a much neater final effect, it also stops them going mental throughout the day (wolf eyebrows are never a good look!) but be soo careful! Never trim loads really short at once, this could totally ruin the look of your brows. I often find the thicker, the better :)
2 and 3) To get a good shape use a brush or eyeliner and place it vertically to the side of your nose, that is where the eyebrow should begin. Then tilt the brush to the outer corner of your eye, that's where it should end. This ensures that your eyebrows are in the correct proportion to your face :)
4) Pluck away! but by no means over pluck! I tend to get any strays and follow the natural shape of your brow, creating an arch :) Less is definetly more when it comes to eyebrow plucking. If you consistently over pluck they eventually wont grow one likes uber thin brows.
5 and 6) I like to use a eyebrow powder as it creates a natural look, but you can use whatever method you choose, rock it how you like it guys. The finishing touch is a little highlighter under the brow to open up the face and make your eyes stand out :)

And thats it! I hope something helped!

Peace and Love